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Research Methods in Sociology and Anthropology

Introduction ·          Social Research is: 1)       Observation or fact based data 2)       Objectivity (Value free) 3)       Systematic Procedure Redman and Mory: “Systematized effort to gain new knowledge, we call research.” C.A. Moser: “Systematized investigation to gain new knowledge about social phenomena and problem, we call social research.” ·          Utilization Objectives of Social Research : (Knowledge for the sake of betterment of human beings.) (Knowledge for the sake of knowledge.) 1)       To solve the social evils and problems based on information received from social research. 2)       To provide information for the planning social reconstruction and development. 3)       To get information for the prediction of social events. ·          Importance of Social Research : 1)       To provide realistic knowledge about social events. 2)       Helpful in trend analysis of social events. 3)         Helpful to find out the feasibility